Jade Disk 3-in-1 Necklace - V2

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The Jade Disk 3-in-1 Necklace is one of our most versatile necklaces. 

This particular necklace combines an East-meets-West aesthetic where Western style chainmail makes up the portion of the necklace and a Jade disk is the focal pendant. The Jade donut disk shape represents the circle of life and continuation of energy. It is a symbol of unity, wholeness and perfection in Chinese culture. 

This necklace can be worn there ways:

- With the Jade pendant in the front in a Y-format as a lariat necklace.

- Flipped around with the chain as the front focus and the Jade pendant hanging in the back (perfect for a low-back top or dress). 

- Moving the clasp to the largest jump ring by the Jade pendant and making it a longer traditional necklace.


Jade is a highly valued and revered gemstone with a rich history and symbolism in various cultures around the world. It has been prized for its beauty, durability, and cultural significance for thousands of years. Jade dates back to 6000 BCE to the Neolithic period of Ancient China and was considered an “Imperial Gemstone”. During this time they used Jade to make ceremonial objects, carved decorations, and jewellery. Jade symbolizes: harmony, balance, integrity, longevity, and prosperity. 

We source all our authentic Jade from our friends at: Everything Jade House in Toronto. They are a third-generation family-run business that sources and carves natural undyed Jade in their Hong Kong studio. 


  • Necklace measures 20” (51cm) from end-to-end. Clasp can be attached where you want to create a lariat style necklace. 
  • Chain is all handmade and linked piece by piece.
  •  All metal parts is stainless steel that is tarnish-free and hypoallergenic to most skin types. However, those with topical skin allergies to iron metal should avoid this piece. 
  • Jade pendant 0.5” (15mm). 
  • Please, keep in mind the nature of crystals pearl, shell, wood, and bone is that they are one-of-a-kind and may have naturally formed imperfections. Contact us if you have any concerns or questions.
  • Made at our Toronto, Ontario studios. Please, allow 5-8 business days for your piece to be made and then shipped.