Nephrite Jade

Not to be mistaken with Jadeite. Nephrite Jade is one of the two gemstones labelled under “Jade”. 

Nephrite Jade tends to have lower translucency compared to Jadeite and is a slightly softer gemstone. Translucency is the ability for light to bounce within a gemstone to give it an internal shine. Nephrite Jade tends to have a silky lustre with a more matte quality in colours ranging from creamy white to the deepest of greens. 

Nephrite jade has been used in China for over 7,000 years. It was the first Jade used before significant deposits of Burmese Jadeite was discovered in the late 1700’s. It was highly valued during the Neolithic period, particularly by the Liangzhu culture, for making tools, ornaments, and ritual objects. During the Shang (1600–1046 BCE) and Zhou (1046–256 BCE) dynasties, it became associated with royal and religious significance. Nephrite Jade is associated with prosperity, harmony, balance and protection