Jewelry Care


COVEN by Sonia Kang jewellery is made from a variety of different components and materials. Some of which may be unconventional. These inlude and are not limited to: chrome-dyed leather, vegetable-tanned leather, brass, copper, silver plate, stainless steel, gold plate, 14KT gold filled components, sterling silver, surgical steel, semi-precious stones, pearls, glass, ceramics, resins, clay, wood, found objects, fish leather, vintage components, and unusual antique findings. Due to the nature of some of these materials there will be slight variances in color, shape, crystalline structure, marks of age, or patina that may happen when worn. Materials like brass, copper, a variety of leathers, wood, and vintage components are sometimes chosen deliberately for the fact it will patina and tarnish with age as an added aesthetic to the piece. 



The rule of thumb with costume jewellery is that you avoid wearing it in the shower, swimming, in places of high humidity, sleeping, or exercising. Everyone's skin pH level is different so sometimes wear will show faster on certain pieces then others.

To maintain the utmost care of your jewellery be sure to clean them slighting with mild soap and water (on pieces that can be washed a little bit - please email or contact us if you have any questions), wipe dry, and store in a jewellery box or plastic bag. This is especially important if you prefer your pieces looking polished. It is also recommended that you invest in 3M anti-tarnish tabs for prolonged storage of pieces and a jewellery polish cloth to wipe down / shine pieces. 

If the piece is pure brass or copper in nature you can use household white vinegar and salt soaks for polishing and removing patina. This is only recommneded for pieces that have no cyrstals, stones, leather, or anything decorative that is NOT brass. Brasso may also be used. Please, contact us if you have any questions regarding care.