Our Philosophy

COVEN by Sonia Kang is a brand that is led by a commitment to the bigger picture. That picture being that our business will minimize as much impact we have on the environment, be conscious of our social responsibilities, source from ethical suppliers, and focus on great handmade quality. We are a small business and this allows us to have more control over most aspects of our everyday operations. 

  •  We are commited to using as many sustainable and high-quality materials as possible when it comes to producing our pieces. All the leather detailing done in our pieces comes from the production scraps of local brands. 
  • Upcycling is a huge part of COVEN. Most of the brass chains and findngs we use are deadstock vintage from New York, Rhode Island, Paris, Italy, parts of Canada, and European flea markets.
  •  We do not throw out spare chains that are too short to be used in a bracelet or necklace. Instead, we set them aside to be used and all the small bits are sorted to eventually be given to a foundary that can melt down the metal and recycle it.
  • Filings and metal dust is collected from our Lost Wax Casting pieces so that they can be melted down and recycled.
  • We use recycled paper and packaging in our business cards and envelopes.
  • All business travel at the end of 2015 will be carbon offset with Air Canada's Zerofootprint program.

Made In Canada

  • All our finished pieces are designed, assembled, and handcrafted in the designer's private Toronto studios.
  • Pieces that are made with the Lost Wax Casting method are casted locally at a family-owned casting company that follows rigorous environmental procedures.
  • We hire help locally to ensure that fair wages are being paid to our contractors and employees.

Ethically Sourced

  • We do our best to source our supplies as ethically as possible and do not use gemstones associated with conflict and exploitation.
  • We DO NOT use coral, sea bamboo, or certain woods due to the environmental degradation being caused by their harvesting and the effects of climate change.

High Quality

  • We believe in high quality and are currently switching all our silver-plated pieces to stainless steel findings to ensure that they last the test of time. Gold-plated items are a bit more tricky but we hope to begin plating our own chains by 2016 either locally or in the US.


  • We believe in awesome products with high-quality workmanship. We love heritage techniques of production, self-empowerment, and feeling of handcrafted pieces. Your piece will take a little longer to produce but it is handcrafted by real people who love what they do. It was not mass-produced.


Mission Statement 

COVEN creates high quality jewelry and accessories that celebrates life and empowers passionate individuals.


Value Statement 

COVEN values high quality workmanship with great regard for our social and environmental impact of the planet. We value individuality of expression. COVEN designs products to empower and be transcendent of fads. We believe passionately in great customer service. We believe in engaging our customers beyond delivery of physical products and creating empowering relationships.


Vision Statement 

COVEN believes in longevity in our products and make them as locally as possible. We practice environmentally sound office practices where everything is recycled as much as possible, casting is done by a small family-owned casting company in Toronto, all metalsmithing waste from metal dust and cut spures are all saved to be recycled at a local foundary, everything is made in a small private studio on Queen West, we try to use as much headstock vintage as possible, buy ethically-mined gemstones and local suppliers, and we hire locally ensuring that we pay fair wages. We understand that our jewelry is the just beginning of empowerment and we want to give back with the help of our customers in the future.