Koi Necklace

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The Koi Necklace is a necklace of harmony and simplicity. 

It features a small handcarved Mother-of-Pearl Koi Fish which gives it a luminscent and pearly quality. It is strung on a fine Sterling Silver chain that does not snag. Koi fish in traditional Chinese and Japanese culture symbolize the following: good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition, and perserverance. Silvery white Koi fish like the one featured usually represent wealth and good business. 

Mother-of-Pearl attracts prosperity. It is a gemstone of intuiton, sensitivity, and imagination. 

  • Sterling Silver necklace measures 15.5" (but can be made to order at a longer length for an additional price - please email us for details).
  • Mother-of-Pearl Koi Fish measrures 1.25" in length and 0.75" in width approximately.
  • Uses Mother-of-Pearl and Cultured Freshwater pearls from Japan (these like anything not made by man will have imperfections that are nature's design).
  • Made in Canada.