Serpent Earrings and Necklace Set


Part of the TALISMANS Collection. The Serpent Earrings and Necklace Set makes a great gift and when you buy them together you get $5 OFF no matter what necklace length!

Both pieces are made from Sterling Silver so it's great for sensitive ears and skin! The silver has a patina of oxidization which when worn only gets brighter with wear! 

The Serpent or Snake is a revered symbol across multiple cultures around the world. It is a symbol of duality, rebirth, renewal, and purification. It's ability to shed its skin makes it a very transitional symbol of new beginnings. 

  • Serpent Pendant on necklace is 3/4" or 19mm in length. 
  • Necklace Lengths come in 16", 18", and 20".
  • Serpent Earrings are 0.5" or 13mm in length. 
  • Hangs on a delicate oxidized sterling silver chain. 
  • Made in Canada. 

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