Opal Constellation Ring

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The Opal Constellation is a delicate rhodium-played sterling silver ring with a mixture of handset Opals in two different starlight hues. A ethereal piece that looks like the constellations captured in gemstones. 

Opals are the October birthstone. They are gemstones associated with hopes and dreams. 


  • Band measures 1mm x 1.5mm in thickness.
  • Band is made from rhodium-plated sterling silver which helps with the longevity of the ring. 
  • This ring has 9 hand-set Lab-made Opals in it: two 2mm Opals, 2 1.5mm Opals and five 1mm Opals.  
  • The Opals come in two colours: white and blue. 
  • Lab made Opals tend to be tougher than their mined counterparts with no natural breaks and no issues with being in water. But overall Opals are still a delicate stone.
  • If your size is in stock the ring will ship within 5 business days. If not, your ring will be made-to-order. Please, allow 2-4 weeks for it to be made.