Medium Necklace - Hyperstene

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The Medium Necklace is an elegant Y-shaped necklace that consists of hand-woven brass chains in different textures. This particular Medium Necklace features a Hyperstene stone that was mined in Quebec, Canada.

Hyperstene is an uncommon gemstone in the jewelry industry because it is not found in large quantities. It is generally a charcoal colored stone with a tiger-eye like lustre which is made up of 50% iron with inclusions of hematite and goethite. It is a stone that has been associated with re-energizing and is said to re-enforce moral strength in difficult situations. 

Pearls have long been associated with the moon and represent innocence, purity, love, and balances emotions

  • Oxidized brass chains. 
  • Measures 18" and comes with the option of an 3" extender.
  • Vintage brass hand and findings.
  • Cultured freshwater pearls (these like anything not made by man will have inperfections that are nature's design).
  • Made in Canada.