Maia Necklace - Herkimer Diamond


The Maia Necklace is a smart balance of sexy and tough. 

It is a powerhouse necklace that is accented on each side by a total of ten Herimer Diamond gemstones. These are mined in the New York state and naturally double-terminated. The thick snakechain with an Athame pendant ties the whole necklace so that you can layer without thinking or having chains tangle together. 

Herkimer Diamond is a powerful crystal from the Quartz family. It is a crystal of attunment and helps with focusing of your energies for a mental, emotional and physical level. 


  • This necklace has solid brass hardware and findings.
  • Hoop choker is made from plated oxidized brass with an anti-tarnish coating. 
  • Hoop choker measures 16" internally and has a clip closure.
  • Front portion of necklace hangs 4" down and is a total of 11" in length.
  • Herkimer Diamond (these like anything not made by man will have imperfections that are nature's design).
  • Made in Canada. 

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