Citrine Necklace


A COVEN Classic! The Citrine Necklace a simple piece that comes in two lengths on a hypoallergenic and tarnish-proof stainless steel chain.

Citrine is know as a success and prosperity stone. It manifests good energies and abudances and has been know in the past as a "Merchant Stone" because it was commonly put in the cash box, worn, or displayed by merchants of the past. 

  • All hardware is made from stainless steel chain which is: hypoallergenic, non-tarnishing, and never turns skin green!
  • Short length is 18"
  • Long length is 32"
  • Ontario-mined Citrine!
  •  Gemstones and crystals like anything not made by man will have imperfections that are nature's design. Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and won't always look like the picture!
  • Made in Canada. 

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