The Broccoli's most glorious attribute is his leafy crown. Many friends have sought Broccoli's advice on obtaining such kingly growth through the use of specialized fertilizer. But to be honest, the secret is simply genetics. 

A collaboration between COVEN x Anna Kang (the designer's mother) BOTANICA brings you crochet plants that cannot be killed. Designed, crochet, knitted, and embroidered these quirky creations will bring delight to those who can't keep a plant alive. Greenthumbs will also love them as gifts! They also make great additions to offices that don't get enough sunlight.

  • Measures 3.5" in height, 5.5 circumference of Broccoli's leafy crown, and 6" in circumference.
  • Embroidered beaded eyes and face with blush applied to cheeks. 
  • Made from natural wool and acrylic blend.
  • **Glass Base** - not suitable for very young children. 
  • Stuffed with polyfill.
  • Details may vary due to the handmade nature of the product.
  • Handmade in Canada. 

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