Water Sapphire Necklace

$125.00 $145.00

The Water Sapphire Necklace features two beatuiful faceted Iolite gemstones.

Iolite is the gemstone used by the Vikings and sailors in ancient times to guide them during journies on the sea. It is a polarizing gemstone that helped find the direction of the sun on cloudy days (this is actually seen on the show Vikings where Ragnar Lothbrok uses a pale Iolite to find the sun to guide his ship to English shores).

This style of necklace is made from deadstock vintage chain and upcycled chain from COVEN's production - we try to reduce waste and save all the short bits of chains from previous production that can't be used to make other things. Each necklace is One-Of-A-Kind due to the nature of the materials and gemstone.

Iolite is said to be a stone that clears the third eye. It is a stone of vision and creativity. It is said to help promote sleep, stimuluate memory, and help with eyes. 

  • Hoop choker is made from plated oxidized brass with an anti-tarnish coating. 
  • Hoop choker measures 16" internally and has a clip closure.
  • Brass woven chain portion hangs 3" down.
  • 2 faceted Iolite gemstones beads (these like anything not made by man will have inperfections that are nature's design).
  • Made in Canada. 

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